Spirite ii)

Julia Trinkle, Mia Gara, Marie Grunwald, Godai Sahara, Valeria Pinchuk, Eugenia Sinatti, Stephan Kloß , Ivan Taranin, Carly Lave, Sophie Wolf, Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo, Sebastian Pöge

Nov 21, 2020 - Dec 20, 2020


Spirite ii) is an exhibition about mathematics and art. The exhibition takes place physically in the gallery Multiversal Studio Leipzig and virtually right here, on this website. 12 artists and mathematicians show thematically related works that find form both virtually and analogously. We invite you to visit the exhibition Spirite ii) from November 21 to December 20, 2020: Come to Kröbelstraße 12 in Leipzig during our opening hours and visite the virtual gallery by clicking below. Fassade
ENTER! Open up the virtual gallery space on your computer. Just like in a computer game, use "W", "A", "S" & "D" - keys to move around as well as your mouse :-)

Opening hours

Kröbelstraße 12: 5.12., 6.12., 19.12., 20.12., each at 12 am to 4 pmDue to recent changes in the Covid-19-regulations, we have to restrict the opening of the gallery! You can still see the installation from the street & we are there for a chat :-) Contact us via spirite (@) gmx.de & we can arrange for a private visit by appointment.
Online Gallery: 24 / 7The virtual gallery is staying online for now.
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A. The risk of emotional reactions Mathematics can fascinate, while simultaneously triggering a strong aversion to the incomprehensible. The shame connected to being exposed as ignorant of mathematic principles, of not understanding ”it”, prevents many people from approaching mathematics with an unbiased playfulness. However, exploring the limits of one’s own thinking is, by definition, inscribed in mathematics. For in Greek, mathematics simply means: to learn. B. The Spirite-Community welcomes...li Artists who incorporate mathematics and mathematicians who create art. Together we start from the thesis: mathematics is a basic human need that serves to make the world tangible and to describe it — basically, mathematics is available to everyone and comprehensible, a basic structure of human thinking. And respectively this applies to art. For us, mathematics is an art with which we describe, measure and order the world around us. We understand art as a kind of science that expresses the range of an individual’s insights. Spirite ii) is an exhibition on the subject of mathematics and art, bringing together various works that are freely associated to the subject. C. Virtual-analog form The exhibition takes place simultaneously in a virtual gallery space on the internet and a physical gallery in Leipzig. The online space is a digital model and the alienated twin of the analog exhibition space. This in turn provides an interface to reality. Thus, every work of art finds a form in both worlds.


For Spirite ii), artists and mathematician have created 12 amazing and very diverse art works on the theme of mathematics. Within the conception, we wanted to allow an assotiative and emotional confrontation with the topic. Works were developed within the group discussions, some in cooperation, others individually. Below, you find a documentation.

Bananach Space
Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo: Bananach Space, bananas and ink on paper, 2020
Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo is a mathematician. In the Spirite ii) exhibit, he shows projections of the infinite Bananach Space, which he defined recently.

Godai Sahara: A permissable error, stigma of saffron, 2020
Godai Sahara is an artist who takes care of plants. In Japan, he grew saffron and sent it to Leipzig in a lettre: "Dear Julia and artists, ..."

Virtual Fountain - Each artwork finds an individual translation into the digital gallery.

Marie Grunwald: Atlas of Fountain, paper collage, 2020
Marie Grunwald collects water and fountains. For her, maps are an abstract instrument to measure our world.


Julia Trinkle: Sprechstunde, letter and door, 2020
Julia Trinkle studied painting and mathematics, is an architect and organizer. For Spirite ii), she is writing a letter to her professor.

Valeria Pinchuk: Fibonacci Plants, print, 50 cm x 50 cm, 2020
Valeria Pinchuk is a photographer. The photos, which she made especially for this exhibition, show examples of the mathematical order in plant growth, which is often based on Fibonacci numbers and visible as a golden section.

Eugenia Sinatti: Without title, acryl on canvas, 100 cm x 40 cm, 2020
Eugenia Sinatti is a mathematician and works for a design studio. Her paintings describe principals of mathematics. The shown paintings are a description of the two-way "zoom" learning process in mathematics: On the one hand, to understand the various objects in their detail and specific properties, and on the other hand, to effect a bird's-eye view of the underlying structures from afar.

Stephan Kloß: Hypercube, a interactable soundtool, in cooperation with Mia Gara, 2020
Stephan Kloß is part of the audiovisual collective Ectoplastic Lab and invites you to play his multi-perspective soundtool with your own body. The user explores the planets of our solar system and learns about linked mystical meanings. All underlined with spherical sounds, one plays with an 4 dimensional object, projected into a 3 dimensional environment.

5D Multiverse
Mia Gara: 5D Multiverse, 4:45 min video, 2020
Mia Gara video-illustrates a 5D multiverse experience of meditation through the whole body system. All underlined with a self composed impressive sound landscape, the video is a collage of enviromental images and a slowly desolving meditating body. The video was made using green screen technology and it can be understood as one answer to the question: How can we experience and depict more then three dimensions?

Ivan Taranin: This is a thought, auto-generating text software, 2020
Ivan Taranin created a software which automatically generates and assembles thoughts on mathematics. → Link

Julia Trinkle, Carly Lave: SYNTHESIS. A virtual performance in 7 scenes, computer game, 2019
SYNTHESIS is a virtual dance performance in 7 scenes. It can be visited through a first person character controller like in a computer game. The viewer visits 7 pixelated landscapes, inhabited by weirdly dancing bodies. Movement recorded with a motion capture suit clashes onto fragments of digital architecture, each scene being accentuated with music and sound, all combined by the howling wind of the digital desert. → Link

Sophie Wolf: Trees and Counting, earth, neon light, metal, 2020
Sophie Wolf is an artist thinking about statistics. The installation Trees and Counting questions our religious believe in the absolut truth of mathematical models.

Street installation: A video of the virtual gallery room projected at night, here with Sebastian Pöges digital wall papers.
The gallery was supposed to attract people from the street and work as an intersection to the digital gallery - through a video projection. Sebastian Pöge decided to only work in the digital, creating digital wallpapers, as projected in this instance.


Thanks goes out to all the artists and mathematicians that participated. Each contribution was of highest value. I, Julia Trinkle, as the lead and initiator, would like to especially thank Mia Gara for the invitation to her Multiversal Studio, sharing her knowledge in curation and grafic design and much more; Marie Grunwald for her great artistic and organizational advice; Further, Sebastian Pöge has been a great helping hand in creating the virtual room; Ivan Taranin and Stephan Kloß for technical advice; Valeria Pinchuk for taking care of social media and photography; Sophie Wolf and Carly Lave for lecturing and translations; Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo and Eugenia Sinatti for mathematical discussions; Last but not least, Godai Sahara for great communication across the globe.

A project by Julia Trinkle.
Core Team: Julia Trinkle, Mia Gara, Marie Grunwald
Contact: spirite (@) gmx.de