Spirite ii)

Julia Trinkle, Mia Gara, Marie Grunwald, Godai Sahara, Valeria Pinchuk, Eugenia Sinatti, Stephan Kloß, Ivan Taranin, Carly Lave, Sophie Wolf, Sebastian Pöge

Nov 21, 2020 - Dec 20, 2020


Spirite ii) is an exhibition about mathematics and art. The exhibition takes place physically in the gallery Multiversal Studio Leipzig and virtually right here, on this website. 12 artists and mathematicians show thematically related works that find form both virtually and analogously. We invite you to visit the exhibition Spirite ii) from November 21 to December 20, 2020: Come to Kröbelstraße 12 in Leipzig during our opening hours and visite the virtual gallery by clicking below.WARNING! You will need to open up the virtual gallery space on your computer. Just like in a computer game, you will need to use "W", "A", "S" & "D" - keys to move around as well as your mouse :-)


Opening hours Kröbelstraße 12: 5.12., 6.12., 19.12., 20.12., each at 12 am to 4 pm
Online Gallery: 24 / 7
Virtual Vernissage Party & Guided Tours

A project by Julia Trinkle.